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Bmore Manning

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Originally Posted by Shananahan View Post
You're a good poster in threads like these and in the draft forum in general, but your constant need to take credit for opinions and your incessant cries for praise and attention are downright pathetic and make it impossible for me to like you at all.

I value your input and stuff, but you come across as a very needy, insecure and self-absorbed little b**** when every fifth post is about yourself.
That's a deep evaluation. That's not the case, I have said some things lately about calling that player out, because.. I was told multiple times such players were not good, I was told I didn't know how to evaluate, and have seen people literally steal what I say word for word as their own work. I was browsing another site and saw somebody literally name every free agent player and draft prospect I like.. That's a little offensive..
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