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If you want my opinion on the matter, which means nothing really.

Almost all of that wasn't against the rules at the time he did it. So he cheated because he was what? An innovator? If you did cycling and you didn't use what was not banned, then you were just a Loser and were jealous that you couldn't win.

If it was banned when he used it, sure, he cheated. But you can't make a blanket statement that says anything that gives you an unfair advantage is cheating. That's like saying Tebow cheats because he has too much heart. Or Rod Smith cheats because he works too hard. ANYTHING can be an unfair advantage.

Dude overcame cancer and beat others who did the same damn thing. People are just jealous who lost to him and this is how they get him for winning over them.

I see a man who was willing to do everything to win.
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