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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Dummerville should restructure or extend, he is costing us 16 mill against the cap next year if I got the right info from Spotrac. If they can get him to extend out another 3-4 years they should be able to trim his cap hit down at least 6mill or more but Eddie Mac would know better than me. Plus this would be a good year to hit up Elvis, he had a good year but no where near what he had when he signed his last deal, throw in the 2 sub par years after getting paid and he should be cool if he wants to win.

They need to resign Clady, we are in an all or nothing position once we signed Manning, to let Clady walk and develop his replacement over the next couple years would be insanity.

Only other real option would be if they were real high on Franklin, move him to LT, shifted Beadles to RT (or draft a new RT) then draft a G. They still need to figure what to do at C so we could have a totally different OL where consistency is prized.

There is money to be moved around, I trust the FO to squeeze it out.

I am not expecting a big money FA Henry Melton type signing this year though. I bet we keep what we have and hope to draft well or maybe make a trade or 2. We do have a very good young core everywhere except for PM.

If you wanted to cut someone to save money cut Doom Not Clady.
Pretty sane post unlike most in this thread BUT. If you cut Doom he had about 5 mil each year in prorated bonus money that would come due. So that really is not an option.
2013	 12,000,000	 423,000	 4,525,000	   16,948,000
. Looks the same way each year. Close enough to 5 mil per year to kill any savings.

Perhaps they can talk him into redoing the contract but what incentive does he have. The only me would to be get more money up front and then THaT proration counts agains the cap also.

Good try though most folks just like to call names. Yet have no ideas other than hysterical rants about how we must have him.

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