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Anyone who genuinely believes the Steelers' recent SB wins are attributable to Roethlisberger.... and not their defense.... knows nothing about football.
Yet you claim this defense didn't know how to defend Tebow.. so which is it? Don't you realize you are totally contradicting yourself here in order to find some excuse to explain away Tebow beating such a great defense? You also don't know that Peyton is better than Bigben.. that's pure speculation that could very easily be wrong.

And MacGruder... any team that can run but cannot consistently pass (a Tebow team)... is one-dimensional. One-dimensional is not a good thing.
You can't run if you can't pass.. that is what you are ignoring.. if what you were saying was possible teams could put better runners on horrible teams even though they couldn't pass and be more successful. This has never happened.. so your logic is completely non existent.''

One dimensional teams don't go to the playoffs and beat the Steelers... It's Peyton that has proven to be one dimensional... he can pass but has no athleticism.. Tebow's passing is far greater than Peyton's athleticism... we know that much... Peyton is the definition of one dimensional. And that dimension doesn't win in the playoffs.