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It was unprecedented disrespect for our passing game and ultimately it bit the Steelers in the butt. No way did they expect McCoy to call a pass play on first down... and no way did they expect Tebow to throw the ball close enough to Thomas for him to be able to catch it.
It wasn't disrespecting the passing game.. it was respecting the dominant run game Tebow created...

Something Peyton can't provide...

This is why you have to pick your poison.. they did the same think with Kaepernick.. they let him run for 180 yards.. Kaep and gore put up 20 more yards than Tebow and McGahee did on the Raiders.

So this last game what did they do then? dared Kaep to pass.. he only runs 20 yards... Tebow had like 50 yards versus the Steelers.. same exact thing.. pick your poison. Kaep has a much better team around him though.. What Tebow did was more impressive. Even Alex Smith won on that team..