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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Mikey is in WAS not making choices here.

So far how many duds has John picked. Until he does worry then.
Too early to tell, but, Nate Irving hasn't panned out the way expected. Julius Thomas has been a huge disappointment. That there is a 3rd and 4th round pick. Pretty good rounds too pick up talent if you ask me. This past class was pure gold, even though I still don't agree with the Brock pick being in a win now situation. Too small of a sample. Mike had great drafts too! But sucked big time for half of it. I really think John got lucky with getting a top 2 pick last year. But you have to give credit for pulling the trigger on Von. The rest of the draft was... ok.

Anyway, this ain't about the FO capabilities of drafting talent. This is about letting an All-Pro sure thing talent at LT go. You get a QB, then a LT, followed by the QB headhunter and then the CB. Plus we have a QB with a head duct taped to his neck. You think Manning is going to be ok with the FO getting rid of his blindside protector that allowed only 1 sack? Sure... lets give that job to a rookie! You are delusional to think the FO wont retain Clady one way or the other.
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