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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Everyone knows that rookies can be drafted and step in and play at Pro Bowl levels right away, just look at how it has worked out for duh bears.

Football players are all interchangeable parts. Anyone coming out of college is equal or better to proven vets who have made pro bowls and stuff.

Get a clue. No one has said they would play at pro bowl levels.

If anything I have said that having an elite OLT is not as necessary as before.

We do not have a QB that hangs on t the ball like some other teams.

We have a guy that throws more from the shot gun and rarely takes long drops when he plays under center.

He gets rid of the ball fast.

And even your God Clady has been beat by speed rushers. He is not great at run blocking and his performance since his knee operation leaves a lot to be desired.

Last year he led the league in holding calls. Sure it was a different QB which in itself shows that Manning has risen all boats. We flat do not need to have 5 all pros in front of him like you seem to be implying.

Now I would love to have tha many as I'm very firm in my belief that you win or lose on the LOS. But we will not be able to outbid bottom dwellers for his contract we flat do not have the money to do so.

If we did then I'm all for giving him a decent new contact. But he will eat more than half of our cap space this year and leave the other 8-9 million to sign some 25 other player to fill out the roster.

Do you see that happening. Or just want to be a wisea SS some more.
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