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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
What is it with bat-**** crazy posts and threads today? There has to be something in the water...

You don't go spend $18 mil per year on Manning then cobble together an offensive line. Remember that Peyton chose us, and has the option to walk away if he wants. There is no way that Elway and Bowlen will take away our pieces of the O-line that work. If anything, Kuper's injury puts the Broncos FO in a much more difficult bargaining position with Clady. Mess with too many pieces, and Manning's neck might get snapped off.

You will be paying starter money to any FA Left Tackle in the offseason - there is no good reason not to re-sign Clady.
Yes ther is a reason we do not have the money. He will cost cap wise between 9 and 12 million a year. Since we have less than 19 million to sign as many as 25 more players to fill out the roster. Your going to spend over half of it for one spot?

Not likely. Show me the money your going to pay him with.
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