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Really?? Cause when Alex smith was in there that offense wasn't doing ANYTHING. Crabtree was not excelling. Gore was overused. That offense couldn't play from behind with Smith. Kaep comes in and instantly MADE that offense better. GTFO saying those offenses were good. Washington?? How did their offense look without RG3. Seattle? Ya they were a powerhouse with Tavaris. Those QBs made those offenses good. Funny thing about your boy tebow, subtract him from an offense and they look better.
The 9era nearly went to the superbowl the previous season.. Oton got the Broncos the number 2 pick...

The Broncos had the worst record in the NFL over the past 20 some odd games. The 9ers have a great D too... The Brocnos were one of the worst in the NFL.

Cousins won a game on the Seahawks.. coming into the middle of a playoff game with no experience and no prep is not easy at all. Grossman even played well in that offense the season before..

Yeah.. the Broncos O LOOKED better.. but in actuality they weren't. That's my point about these Tebow wannabes too... It's likely fool's gold and Tebow's game is incredibly underrated.