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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
MacGruder furiously follows and attacks anything non-Tebow related across many message boards.

Tebow is known as a distraction because of the fanaticism of his fans.

...but what if MacGruder is the only one, and he's just THAT annoying and omnipresent that he's completely torpedoed Tim's career. I'd say from the evidence he's presented on the Orangemane, that this possibility is extremely likely.

And if that's the case, is MacGruder an evil genius undermining Tim with every post? Surely being this "next-level" annoying and ignorant is intentional... there's no other explanation. But that brings us to a NEW question... who would possibly have the motive to do this to such a charismatic and genuinely kind man?

After reflecting on this, I arrived at two possible conclusions:

1. MacGruder is TGN


2. MacGruder is a Filipino that was forever scarred in an unfortunate circumcision accident and must seize revenge on behalf of his missing penis

I will now reply cryptically to any questions or skepticism you may have with "All truth goes through three phases", "Stay tuned...", and several other vague remarks.
Wait, what! You stated you were 100% sure I was MacGruder and claimed to have proof.

You are either a lier of an idiot, which is it?
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