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Originally Posted by Inkana7 View Post
hyper efficent tebow, 2011: 12/6 td-int ration
poop-efficent colin kaepernick, 2012: 10/3

You just ignored what I said about Kaep being on a good team with a good coach unlike the Broncos with Fox... or even the Jets with Sparano and Rex.

If Tebow was on the 9ers he might have fewer TDs but he would also have fewer INTs... he would have a lower FG% but fewer INTS and he'd have more yards rushing.

A big reason TEbow plays like this though is because no one will give him a chance to play though.. people are all watching and all waiting for him to fall. he can't develop like others and a normal pace and isn't allowed to make mistakes others do.. Like Peyton;s 3 INTs in a quarter.. or 3 straight losses.. Fox would have put Quinn in..

So he is trying to play in a pro style offense for the first time on a high wire..