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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
When the window to a championship is closing, I hate letting talent go just to replace it with a possible similar talent (especially when its just a money saving manuever.) If you think you can live without Ryan Clady because LT isn't important, and spend your resources elsewhere, then fine. But letting someone go just to make a lateral move (spending a 1st rounder in this case) when finances are the only reason, seems like a **** idea.
Was Franklin a first rounder?

It is not just saving a few bucks but saving perhaps as much as 45 million over the life of the contract and actually allowing the team to pay for other players also.

It may not be ideal but. The odds of John spending 70 million on a guy that IS NOT the guy he was before his dumb ass move and injury playing basketball in the off season.

Odds are now that he is a UFA that some bottom feeder of a team will indeed out bid us.

If this was a premium position like it was ten years ago then maybe. But the majority of our passing game is shotgun or fast passing that the ball is gone in less than 3 seconds. Almost no 5 steps drop backs and NO seven steps.

With the advent of fast paced offenses it will become even less important. The defenses can not subsistute so they get tired faster thus even less pass rush.
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