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MacGruder, all of your answers are in the bolded statement. You honestly think that everyone in the Media, the Broncos AND the Jets franchises are all blind and you are the only one that is enlightened by the truth?

You're a ****in' wacko bro...
What other explanation is there.. it's called cognitive dissonance... People are so conditioned to think a certain way that no matter what happens they refuse to believe it when it's proven wrong.

Before Tebow came into the NFL everyone said the spread option would never work.. now it's going wild.. AFTER Tebow proved it could work....

Also, Fox is death to Qbs.. he did the same to Orton.. Orton's career is over too.

Tebow gets blamed for Fox's offense.. he even made Peyton look terrible early on until Peyton starting running his own offense.

Yes.. I am the wacko and the Steelers don't know how to defend rookie QBs...