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I don't know why I'm bothering arguing this.

Again, Pitt played essentially a cover-0 all day against Tebow in the playoffs. It was a horrible error in judgement on their part. He CANNOT read defenses. At all. Why any team would simplify it for him is beyond me.
That is pure BS.. how do you know he can't read defenses? That is pure speculation. To suggest that the Steelers don't know how to defend Tebow is just complete stupidity. If your argument hinges on that YOU are crazy not I... once again you follow the mindless media who have been shown to be full of BS.

If Tebow couldn't read D then how did he make the playoffs in the first place.. what you are saying makes ZERO sense..

Had Rahim Moore made that simple play, Peyton leaves that game with 100+ rating, 3td passes, and a sweet game winning 4th quarter drive. In 10 degree temperature. Was it his perfect game? Hardly. Not even close. Was it good enough to win. Obviously.
Yes... judge him on meaningless passer rating.. You also forget the Broncos had Del Rio... Tebow did not.. Tebow couldn't even play aggressively on offense for this reason because whenever they did the D collapsed.

This was a defensive **** up.
You mean like McGahee fumbling the ball on a drive that could have ended the game..

I was on team timmy last year. Im a broncos fan, thats what i do. But it was clear that he never improved. He never learned how to read a defense, his accuracy was still ****, he's wildly inconsistent. In fact, he looks like he's regressed since college.

The pro game is too big for him. He's just not that bright.
Tebow didn't improve or Fox didn't improve? Fox almost ruined Peyton before Peyton started running his own offense.. the success Tebow had last season was when he called his own plays too.. but they wouldn't let him do it because the D stunk and the more they scored the more the D collapsed.

If you want to see Tebow improve you need to let him play.. just like Carolina let Cam play... they let him flush 2 seasons... Tebow has already shown more of an upside than Cam.

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