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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
"regardless of how they scored them"...

How points did Peyton score..... for the other team?

Tebow made the Broncos successful in spite of their weaknesses... he made them the number one rushing team in the NFL. That is what wins in the post season.

Peyton's style has been shown to fail in the post season. Peyton won his 4th playoff game Tebow won his first..

Tebow was even a rookie essentially! And was being hamstrung by the Broncos organization.. still outperformed him.
I don't know why I'm bothering arguing this.

Again, Pitt played essentially a cover-0 all day against Tebow in the playoffs. It was a horrible error in judgement on their part. He CANNOT read defenses. At all. Why any team would simplify it for him is beyond me.

Had Rahim Moore made that simple play, Peyton leaves that game with 100+ rating, 3td passes, and a sweet game winning 4th quarter drive. In 10 degree temperature. Was it his perfect game? Hardly. Not even close. Was it good enough to win. Obviously.

This was a defensive **** up.

I was on team timmy last year. Im a broncos fan, thats what i do. But it was clear that he never improved. He never learned how to read a defense, his accuracy was still ****, he's wildly inconsistent. In fact, he looks like he's regressed since college.

The pro game is too big for him. He's just not that bright.
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