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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
You don't know anything about me tough guy. Last year I pulled hard for Derek Wolfe, when no one else knew anything about him...and got clowned repeatedly for it. If I recall correctly you were one of the ones who was going crazy for Jerel Worthy at #25. He was picked #51, and for good reason.

Watch which dog you kick next time. He'll remember, and sooner or later you'll get bit.
You really are a moron. I actually evaluate players you read stats. Multiple people have said this to you. I actually corrected you that Worthy would be a 3-4 DE and you said Pittsburgh would draft him as a NT. I hated Worthy! My preference was for Janoris Jenkins last year, I also wanted two gapping DTs and knew we would run that scheme, hence I liked Brandon Thompson and Josh Chapman.

Your flip flopping ass just called Short an average prospect, then said he was good when you got schooled on arm length, which is another indicator you only read stats.

I have been nice to you on here, and tried to help you, but you have come at me for the last time. I'm going to call out every BS post you do. Thread deleting, flip flopper.
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