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Back to the hero of this thread, Gage.

For years, this con man has been spouting nonsense while promoting his membership in AIA (American Institute of Architects). He is one of Gaffney's main sources whenever he needs an idiot to validate his own crackpot theories. Gage had been low grade architect and primarily a renovation supervisor of schools and strip centers until 911 when he saw an opportunity to make money with the troofer scam.

Finally, AIA had enough of his con and attempts to use AIA as a 'cover' and implied endorser of his lunacy. So on July 19th, 2012, they published an article in 'Architect,' the associations magazine.

Here are some of the 'highlights.'

Architects Shy From Truther 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
Architects didn't show up for a 9/11-architecture-conspiracy documentary screening—and the AIA doesn't want its name associated with Trutherism

The accusations of Gage’s organization are the typical hodgepodge of pseudo-scientific claims. Along with other esoteric and debunked technical arguments.......All of Gage’s so-called evidence has been rebutted in peer-reviewed papers, by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, by the National Institute for Standards and Technology, by the American Society of Civil Engineers, by the 9/11 Commission Report, and, perhaps most memorably, by the 110-year-old engineering journal Popular Mechanics.
“I can’t tell you how grateful we were to have been accepted to be here in the boardroom at the national headquarters,” Gage said. “We hope this is the beginning of a very productive relationship.”

Aside from Gage, though, there was not a single other architect in the room, much less an official from AIA, or even another member. The 80-strong crowd was made up largely of members of the local 9/11 Truth movement and other political activists.
Gage was once warned by AIA not to spread the misimpression that there is a relationship between the two organizations, after he wrote a letter to Congress stating that more than 100 members of AIA who signed his petition were demanding a new investigation into 9/11.
“It is somewhat troubling that he sort of portrays the notion that we have a relationship when we certainly do not,” Frank said
Gage should not expect those invitations any time soon, according to Frank: “There is absolutely zero relationship … [between our groups], nor will there ever be in the future.”
The full article.
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