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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Wrong. I did. For example, I consulted with Ron Hamburger, who authored one of the chapters of the FEMA report. I also consulted with scientists at NIST.

And many others.

It's all discussed and documented in my book The 9/11 Mystery Plane. Some of it is also covered in my critique of the NIST Report.

I've posted the link here many times.

The problem is that clowns like you are not serious about finding out what really happened. You don't give a hoot. You'd rather just suck down beer and watch fooooball.

Same old shyte. MHG

FEMA report Gaffney, where is it??

Can't handle having your bluff called? You run away like a scolded little girl?

Step up, put your report where your mouth is, or admit, that you fabricated the lie, just like very other lie you've told here.
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