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1st you say that Peyton WAS the problem. Now you say he masked the Broncos problems. Interesting. Trying to have it both ways I see.
Peyton masked it in the regular season but his system is not effective in the post season. Tebow's is... it's that simple.

Yup, sure. It's the coaches' faults that he gets hit when he runs.
Yes.. running Tebow in an offense where they won't let him throw the ball is not conducive to success... Also they don't know how to use Tebow.. McCoy had McD who had Beli as a mentor to show Mcd how to use Tebow. Sparano and Fox are just Beli wannabes who have no clue how to even come close to using Tebow.

That is a huge part of why NFL people blame Tebow.. because they can't adapt to him. Elway and Fox couldn't either.

The last thing Elway said at a press conference regarding Tebow was that they needed him to meet them half way.. that was BS.. what they were really saying is what they all believe... Tebow has to adapt to them. They cant adapt to them.. neither can the players... at least the crap ones.