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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
Ummm, the Pats already have 7 TEs, all better than Tebow.....3 RBs, all better than Tebow......and 2 QBs, both better than Tebow.

There's a better chance the Broncos re-sign him than the Pats. And we all know that ain't happening.

It's Canada or out of football entirely next year for Mr Tebow.
They have 2 Qbs better at running the TIM TEBOW offense than Tim Tebow?

I honestly think Tebow would have a better chance of winning a SB in that system than Tom Brady for the same reason Tebow outplayed Peyton on the Broncos in the playoffs.

The game has changed... it doesn't suit pure passers anymore. They are at a disadvantage compared to more well rounded QBs... if Belichick got a hold of Tebow as a starter he would illustrate that more than anyone...

If it happens though.. guess what... Tebow will get no credit... just like how on the Broncos he gets no credit for outplaying Peyton. He can win 10 SBs under Beli and the people who have made up their minds about Tebow will never change them.