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32nd ranked passing game wasn't opening up squat.
Fox ran the ball constantly.. of course your passing game is going to decrease. That is what helped the D so much. And Tebow had very very few turnovers passing the ball. That shows the success of the pas game. No team can run if you can't pass. This was will Elway moving all the veteran receivers.. he surrounded Peyton with them

And, if he was so protected, why were our sack numbers so awesome in 2010 and 2012, but sucked so bad in 2011 with him?
The line was terrible.. that was shown with Peyton too.. why do you think he was dinking and dunking all through the regular season and the playoffs?

13-3....boy did it hurt.
Great for the regular season but terrible for the post season. Peyton masked the Broncos problems just like Tebow did..

Tebow doing it as essentially a rookie WHILE Fox was holding him back makes that incredible. Peyton was allowed to craft the O around himself Tebow was not.

San Fran, Seattle and Washington all run some variation of it and they all run it FAR better than Tebow ever did/could.
They were on much better teams with much better coaches.

He has no upside any more. It's too late. He can't make it through a season any more without re-breaking his ribs, so he's going to be running less and less and his throwing hasn't improved one bit since he's been in the league. It's over for him.
He was injured by the worst coaching imaginable. In both cases..