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How about lose ugly, which is also what Tebow did. Denver lost it's 4 games last season by a total of 25 points. A 10 point loss to NE being the worst.

Tebow lost by:
35 points
18 points
26 points
4 points
and 35 points again.

It's the defense right? Well guess what...The Tebow offense averaged 12 points per game in those games. I guess it's cool though, because Buffalo, Detroit and Kansas City are such elite teams.
Buffalo had 4 or 5 turnovers from TOM BRADY!

And of course they were blown out.. Fox had the worst offense in the world. Orton looked decent on offense before AND after Fox... Fox ruined Orton and Tebow's career. He's a Qb death sentence.. EXACTLY why Elway got him.

He even almost ruined PEYTON'S career early in the season before he was FORCED to let Peyton play no huddle all game.