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If Tebow could consistently throw the football... if he were one tenth as good a QB as MacGruder claims he is... he would be starting on some team by now. Instead, he's probably gonna get the release he "demanded" from the Jets and find no other team in the league with the slightest scintilla of interest in him.

Now this could be due to a vast multi-franchise conspiracy against him... or it could be that he simply doesn't have the skills he needs to succeed at this level of the game. You decide. (lol)
You just described Steve Young in his early career.... Is that a bad thing? You decide...

Tebow doesn't fit the gold standards of how QBs are evaluated. That doesn't mean Tebow can't be successful.. it means NFL people are small minded.

The Broncos football people were fooled too.. they thought Orton had to outplay Tebow. When it was the complete opposite.

The Broncos players thought the same thing..

Steve Young said HE was wrong about Tebow... if Steve Young could be fooled then do you think you are any different? Or other NFL people..

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