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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
Remember when they played Tebow and the 2s against the 1s to make him, look bad and played Orton with the 1s versus the 2s to make him look good... if Tebow was as bad as everyone claims why would they need to do that?
Are you ****ing serious?!? That is the standard fare for every training camp. The 2's always go against the 1's on each side of the ball.

You are a goddamn whirlwind of inconsistency.

Tebow had to have the ****ty non del rio defense....but Elway made Tebow look bad because he couldn't do anything against the non Del Rio defense.

Tebow is better than Manning because he won a playoff game even when he had a worse defense, even though the Defense Peyton manning had gave up more points against weaker competition.

This is all about people looking at the stats. Tebow is great because he threw for 300 yards against the Steelers that one time.

Tebow can't play in a traditional offense, people need to not judge him by that. Elway sabotaged Tebow by making him play an offense tailored to him. Tebow can't play in the offense that RGIII is running either though. He has to play in a magical new offense that I can't explain becasue the government will find me and kill me.

You must be a legitimately crazy person; which in that case, please seek help. If not, you are nothing but a forum baiting troll.
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