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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
Lonestar say we let Clady walk who do you want to replace him?
I'm not big college fan so have to wait for the north south game to play out as well as the combine..

I have heard there are loads of great OT in this draft.. I suspect that John and John are watching these kids with a very keen eye.. no sense in spending about 12 mil each year of cladys new contract (10 per year in salary and 2 for the prorated bonus money) if you can get one for 25% of that..

since the myth of having to have an elite OLT went away with the advent of the quick passing game, that we have went to and I suspect will stay with even after Manning retires..

that means fewer IF ANY 5-7 step drop back passing plays, the thing that meant having to have a GREAT OLT..

I'd guess since we can't afford Clady after this past year, I see no way of out bidding lots of the bottom feeding team for him.. John made a play last year to get him cheaper but he wanted to go for the gusto..
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