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And yet they were perfectly comfortable playing their 3rd QB ahead of both of them......telling.
Yes.. because they knew Tebow would look better that Sanchez.. this was the same reason Elway and company dragged Tebow's name through the mud and set him up to fail. Remember when they played Tebow and the 2s against the 1s to make him, look bad and played Orton with the 1s versus the 2s to make him look good... if Tebow was as bad as everyone claims why would they need to do that?

Both the Jets and Broncos were setting Tebow up to fail because they didn't believe in him long term. They know he will look good short term though.

I think this is the real reason all the NFL teams are afraid of Tebow... they see him as fool's gold.. when it;s the opposite. It's Peyton Manning and Ton Brady that are the fool's gold... They run regular season offenses.. That was proven this season when Peyton played worse than Tebow under far easier circumstances..