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Oh. my. god.

Did you ever see a post so riddled with stupid you didn't know where to start?

I used to merely suspect that you twisted reality to fit in with your worldview. Now I know you do.

Tebow is a better QB than Peyton Manning? Well really I never knew that.....must be all that Elway propaganda i've been swallowing that that has caused me to BELIEVE WHAT I SEE WITH MY OWN EYES FOR CHRIST'S SAKE....
Yes it is.. do you not realize the Broncos and Elway screwed Tebow all last season and coddled Elway?

Not to mention Peytin had Del Rio as his D coordiantor and Tebow did not?

Did you know Tebow had the exact same stats as DelHomme the season he want to the superbowl? It shows ou it was Fox;s system holding Tebow back. Peyton was TANKING before he ran the no huddle Tebow wasn't allowed to run because when he opened up the offense the Broncos D collapsed.

Peyton had 3 INTs in one quarter running the system Tebow was forced to run.. Tebow would have been YANKED at that very moment if he did what Peyton did.