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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Was answering in the Clady thread and it disappeared

So here is my answer.

Not blind speculation but the facts ver the past few years going back to at least Josh maybe even the last year under mikey, we have been under the cap..

Remember all those stories about Pat being broke. While my friend they started then.

We had 11 and change inside that 18.5 that we are under the cap this year, that 11 came from last year. Being under last years cap.

Facts are facts.

Prove me wrong.

As for what he will do this year not sure but MAX we had as of the EOY was 18.5. That is a reported fact from sources other than Eddiemac.

While I have load s of respect for him, I also know the research I did at taphan time we had 35 player under contract for 2013. With only 18.5 mil to spend to round out the roster.

Even if we cut dumb ass Williams that ony saves us 4.3 million. His salary of 6 less his prorated 1.7 bonus money.

While that is another 4.3 you will spend about 700k or more to replace him. So the bet net is 3.6.

Show me where I'm wrong.
I missed the other thread. What is the point of your thread title and your first post? I'm unclear because Clady is not mentioned in the post
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