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Danny Trevathan

Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
If Tebow couldn't pass he wouldn't have put 300 yards on the Steelers D in the playoffs.

He wouldn't have put up so many TDs to so few INTs or had such a great QBR in the 4th quarter..

Peyton had 3 turnovers and one of them a pick 6 on a team that was arguably worse defensively. If that doesn't prove to you Tebow can pass nothing will.

It's either NFL players are even dumber than NFL fans or it's because NFL players want numbers more than they want wins - that is the politics I am talking about. The politics of business.
Oh. my. god.

Did you ever see a post so riddled with stupid you didn't know where to start?

I used to merely suspect that you twisted reality to fit in with your worldview. Now I know you do.

Tebow is a better QB than Peyton Manning? Well really I never knew that.....must be all that Elway propaganda i've been swallowing that that has caused me to BELIEVE WHAT I SEE WITH MY OWN EYES FOR CHRIST'S SAKE....
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