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I'll say it. Black women are more confrontational then white ones. Also from my experience they argue with their men in public more then white women do. Then asian women by far being the least likely to do that. But I know I could be way off because I haven't been around enough black women to really know. It could just be the ones in Long Beach lol. I do think they are pretty hot though. When groups of black girls are in the crowd when band plays they always are super outgoing and hit the dance floor with a fervor. Not trying to make these stereotypes out to be negative or anything just pointing out a difference i percieve.
I think part of the unspoken motivation of certain whiners on this thread is that noticing differences is evil. Unless, of course, they're negative and about white people, then it's ok.

Rosie O'Donnell is also a walking stereotype, in her case of a mannish, obese, unattractive white lesbian. Does that mean all white lesbians are like her? Uh, no, it means that Rosie seems to go out of her way to try to vindicate stereotypes of white lesbians by her behavior. Those are two different points ENTIRELY. Rosie, like Michelle, needs to straighten the hell up.
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