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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
No, there clearly is not. In either phrasing, the question still remains:

It's obvious you never intend to answer. Coward.
Cute how you've tried to cover your obvious lack of reading my posts before attacking me by repeating this tired misstatement - and yes - caricature of what I said.

You misstated wholly what I said originally until I rubbed your snout in your vomit and directed you to the specific post. From then on you corrected your bilge by about 25% and resumed to hammer away with the rest of the BS.

But indeed in the end, and the most instructive thing about this is that those who scream loudest the most about how allegedly anti-racist they are are also those with the biggest racial blind spots. They can never find a white victim of racism, let alone one worthy of defending.

Funny how that always turns out, isn't it?
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