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It's a "no sh*t Sherlock" tweet, MacGruder. Anytime that a QB has polished the bench for 3 seasons behind marginal-at-best QBs like Orton and Sanchez, then the thought has to have occurred to him at least a time or two that maybe there's room for him to elevate his performance level or to expand his skill set.
You are looking at this the wrong way... both Orton and Sanchez are GREAT practice players and NFL style game managers.

These guys are NFL robot QBs... these are the dream of NFL coaches everywhere... they do EXACTLY as they are told.. dink and dunk with the best of them.

Even NFL players buy into this BS... in both cases both teams wanted these guys based on practice play. YET... if Tebow had gotten a chance on the Jets he would have outplayed Sanchez too.

Even guys like Cam Newton and RGIII have mastered the art of the NFL show pony style. The reason Tebow is so great is because he can't even comprehend playing that why.. it's also why NFL coaches and NFL personnel people refuse to accept him.

Peyton Manning is like the most tragic example of the NFL show pony style.. he does EVERYTHING exactly as he was taught his whole life.. he does it all to the peak of human ability... and look where it has led him? It's comical really..

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