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I think you're widely missing the point, that being that Palin was fond of pushing her morals and values on everyone else. She was better than everyone else. Meanwhile her daughter was busy getting knocked up, and the truth about what despicable people they were kept coming out. Manipulative, power hungry, greedy bullies masquerading as good, middle class Christians.
This post is a good example of what's so wrong with politics today. You're not judging Palin through her actual belief system. You're judging it through a ridiculous caricature that you've built for yourself in your mind in order to dehumanize people you disagree with.

And I've seen enough in my life to know that it's bad juju to judge someone as a parent by the mistakes made by their children. By that measure, most parents could be seen as abject failures at some point or another. But, by all means, cast that first stone.
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