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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
One would think someone that attended a state college, would applaud a stay at home mother raising a flock of kids, for going back and getting her degree.
No matter how long it took she did get one.

He must be an elitist. Ahahahahahahaha.

No probaby just a hypocrite. Like most of the far left.
I think you're widely missing the point, that being that Palin was fond of pushing her morals and values on everyone else. She was better than everyone else. Meanwhile her daughter was busy getting knocked up, and the truth about what despicable people they were kept coming out. Manipulative, power hungry, greedy bullies masquerading as good, middle class Christians. And then some of her true colors came shining through when she quit as governor of Alaska and her own campaign staff threw her under the bus. Go read what Steve Schmidt, who ran the campaign, has to say about what a despicable lot they were. Meanwhile the GOP bible thumpers were fully sucked in because she was attractive and pretended to be what they wanted her to be.

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