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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
First of all, it's already come out what the conversation was about. Basically nothing. He was joking with her husband. The president was smiling, if you cared to notice.

She wasn't smiling, she had a "**** you, idiot" air about her. Perhaps again, you have perception issues.

I'm sure you'd be just as quick to defend someone if they had an R behind their name and they reacted to Michelle the way she did Boehner. We know what a moral stalwart you are.

Alas! The crime is revealed!

Larry Wenig, a lip-reading expert, told the CBC show Inside Edition that his analysis indicates Boehner asked the president if he had a cigarette before the Monday luncheon. According to Wenig, Boehner was referring to Michelle when he quipped to the commander in chief, “Somebody won’t let you do it.
Well that certainly called for her to be a biatch.

What is worse all the lefties on here arguing about something they did not have a clue about.

Do not let the morons get you down.
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