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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
So you're saying that you and those like you here on this thread lack reading comprehension and need me to take you by the hand and walk you through it?

Again, you have tapped danced around it, and lied by claiming you explained it, you haven't.

You're lying.
You're projecting

That being said, address the statement. If you wish to call it racist, explain why it's racist.
Again, I said appears, it's YOUR claim, and you refuse to explain your meaning.
Stop with the "say it again to my face" garbage. You heard it. You understood it. I said it multiple times. Address it from that point.
You're a serial liar. I have asked you to explain your comment, nothing more. Your claims that you have already explained it are false. If it wasn't, you could link to the post where you claim to have explained your comment......but we both know, you're full of sh*t.
You and others here obviously don't like that I said it, so tell us why. What was wrong with it?
I've already 'explained ' it to you. Now you're being deliberately obtuse
It's simple. You made a comment that you refuse to explain, and now spend countless posts claiming otherwise.
The fun thing about a forum is that when you claim something that is obvious bull****, your own words, or lack thereof, are for all to see.

So far, you've shown yourself to be a chronic liar.

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