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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Everybody has a bad game. Unfortunately for the Broncos, it appeared that outside of Holliday, all the best players were struggling. Kuper, Manning, Bailey, Miller, etc. That being said, with the #28 pick I'd have no problem whatsoever if the Broncos got the best CB available.

I still am not ready to give up on Rahim Moore. The Broncos took him with the idea that his stength was coverage. Yep, he screwed the pooch in this game big time, but he was not the only guy to lay an egg. Everyone did, from the front office (not making sure the coaches and players were ready for this game) to the coaching staff (poor game planning, underestimating the Ravens, poor adjustments) to the players (poor execution, not mentally ready to play). It was a total failure as an organization. That being said, the Broncos were very close to winning this game.
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