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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Misquoting me doesn't help your case.
Fine. Stereotypes regarding "black female behavior." That better?

For those of you too illiterate or too lazy to read the thread, I explained ALL of this in full in post #27. There is no reason to keep repeating myself.
Yes, let's take a look at the quote:

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
I watch little of Obama's nonsense but I did see a clip on the news this evening of Michelle being her usual charming self, behaving like a walking stereotype and publicly rolling her eyes at the speaker of the house.

She seems to make it a point of vindicating every negative stereotype about black female behavior there is.
You've been asked to explain what specific stereotypes her eye-rolling confirms. The above post certainly does not provide any such specifics, and none have followed. Either you are too stupid to understand what you are being asked, or you're simply obfuscating because you can't defend your position.

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