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I'm not aware that I ever said it was "ok" in either case. I said that you can't compare the two. Palin was scrutinized because she was running for a rather important office. The wardrobe story was one of many things that came out, right or wrong. A lot of people were amused and/or concerned about the puppet show the RNC was putting on, and what a horrible and fraudulent candidate Palin was. I'm not sure how this compares to the First Lady getting dressed up for the inauguration.
But that's the thing. The problem is that criticizing it in either case is dumb. You're saying it's only dumb when it's a criticism of someone on your team. Or insinuating so by saying they can't be compared. Why not? Michelle's not buying her clothes out of her own pocket. They're paid for by the taxpayer because of her political role.

Most political figures spend a ton of cash on clothing. But it rarely comes up unless it happens to be a woman. Essentially you're saying that's ok, so long as the subject is someone you don't like.
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