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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Since they're white, they get very dirty when out harassing blacks and others, and especially during cross-burnings.
So this is a non sequitur then. That's what I thought.

You toss out a bigoted statement and then refuse to defend and make your claim more specific with evidence for its correctness.
You've claimed it to be a "bigoted statement" without qualifying it as bigoted but expect your claim of it being bigoted as bigoted without your qualifying it.

You've done nothing more than race-bait. Why?
You can also qualify this claim. How is it race baiting to make an observation about her poor behavior? Why is it race baiting to point out this woman sometimes acts like a walking stereotype? Her behavior toward the Speaker certainly justifies the criticism. She's done it before. Is calling someone a walking stereotype as long as they aren't white a racist act? If so, why?

So you're alleging here that my criticizing her makes me a cross burner, but her acting like a walking stereotype doesn't justify criticism of her acting like one? You're not making any sense.

What is this "walking stereotype"? Explain.
You're playing stupid. Indeed you prove you are by accusing me of racism. You've yet to justify your use of the label. Why is criticizing her behavior a racist act?
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