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If I recall correctly, the controversy with Palin was with the exorbitant six figure sum the RNC spent on her wardrobe. That doesn't strike me as "sexist."

In any case, nyuk nyuk and Beavis are doing the ubiquitous right-wing shuffle by tossing out some unrelated alleged offense to deflect from the clear racist overtones of nyuk nyuk's statement re: Michelle Obama "vindicating every negative stereotype about black female behavior there is." Why not address those comments rather than making an irrelevant deflection? If you are so concerned that Palin is the victim of sexism, start a thread about it. The topic of this thread is the inauguration. It's just like when flat-earthers think that by attacking Al Gore, they are somehow discrediting climate-change science, when of course Al Gore's alleged hypocrisy and the validity of the science are independent issues entirely unrelated to one another.
Read down. I didn't even touch on what nyuk said. I was responding to Tony's claiming that what's ok for Palin is somehow different for the First Lady.

Politics in this country could use a good dose of the Golden Rule. That's all I'm sayin'

And the first lady gets a pretty hefty tax-payer funded clothing allowance. So I guess I don't see how it's ok to question clothing paid for by a privately-funded campaign, but totally not ok when it's paid for by taxpayers.

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