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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Qualify that statement.
Since they're white, they get very dirty when out harassing blacks and others, and especially during cross-burnings.

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
You obviously haven't read what I said on this thread.
You toss out a bigoted statement and then refuse to defend and make your claim more specific with evidence for its correctness.

You've done nothing more than race-bait. Why?

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk
LMAO. I don't think criticizing her pattern of poor, disrespectful public behavior unfitting for her position is bigotry, but of course those in your crowd do if it happens to be that the person happens to be behaving like a walking stereotype, regardless of whether or not the criticism is valid.

So are you saying she's NOT behaving like a walking stereotype or that she may be doing so but it's "racist" to point it out?

Of course, we all know that to the Obama Coalition, racism is a one way street anyway.

Here's something very basic that libs never grasp: When you choose to apply a label to someone, it's on YOU to state the case for why the label is applicable. The onus isn't on the labeled person to vindicate themselves.
What is this "walking stereotype"? Explain.
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