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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Many people would think a sitting Governor, if not any female running for, or holding, major public office should be above being criticized for what she spent on her wardrobe. Especially since it's never been made a campaign issue with men.
It's called sexism when Republicans do it. It's called fair play when Democrats do it. Likewise with homosexual baiting, Dems do it quite often.

You're discrediting any argument for equality on the issue if you're willing to throw the standard aside in any case of a woman you don't personally like.
Dude, you're letting the facts get in the way. Even feminists let men with the letter D behind their name get away with all kind of filth. Look how quiet they were with Bill Clinton.

But hey, what am I saying. One of your favorite editorialists was busy, back in the day, posting pictures on his website critiquing which of the various Palin ladies looked fat enough to have been pregnant.
And whether or not Trig was actually Sarah's child. Yet they didn't do that with the Obama girls.

If these years since 2008 have taught anyone anything, it's that for many of the politics-obsessed, there are no standards without double-standards.
Sadly true.
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