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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
So a third string QB.
Another OLB.
A blocking TE.
Gratz has looked OK from the limited stuff they show.
Haven't seen Cyprien
I like Wheaton though he hasn't been the best WR out of the stuff I have seen this week so far.

Not interested in EJ, even though he got better this year (FSU fan) -- but I don't disagree with the sentiments of some here who think Elway might use a pick each year to develop a QB. Hanie is probably on his way out. Wouldn't mind using a later pick to get another developmental guy. Not Manuel though.

Only watched a few Mizzou games this year, but Gooden stood out because of his speed and athleticism. Was a former safety, so it kind of sounds like we have another Wesley Woodyard type project here. Sounds like he could run in the 4.4's -- and has been timed at 4.38 -- which would be absolutely insane. I think Denver will go LB (either ILB or WLB) in the top three rounds of this draft. Most projections have him outside the Top 75-100 from what I've seen.

I haven't seen anything other than highlights of Cyprien, but he profiles as a guy who can be starter and is also a demon on special teams at SS. Everything I have read about him seems pretty good. An intelligent, savvy player. Basically, a better version of David Bruton, but someone who you would actually try starting on the field. I've seen him as high as a Top 5 rated safety on some boards/sites.

Big fan of Wheaton. It seems like he has had a pretty good weak, but got some grief for fumbling after Reddick punched the ball out. I cannot say I saw any Conn games this year, but Gratz has gotten a lot of good reports and reviews lately.

Keep the good posts coming. I'll keep snooping around for some stuff.

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