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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
For better or worse we have to upgrade the team as much as possible, depending what happens in FA, I think TE is the logical pick. We are in the lower reaches of the 1st round, so we are not getting a top CB, OT, DE - those guys will be drafted in the top half of the 1st round. DT is a valid option and I think we could go that way. MLB is difficult to predict, lately we have seen an emphasis on the MLB position early in the 1st round which may take the top 2 or 3 candidates out of our reach. TE has become a power position in the NFL as more and more offenses are abandoning the FB position, having a TE who can consistently be used to create mismatches against LBs and CBs is very powerful, look at the playoffs this year, Gronkowski, Hernandez, Gonzalez, Vernon Davies all made it to the conference championship round.
Fair enough, but I don't think that TE is a position that is going to be dynamically upgraded with this draft. I wouldn't classify the Standford or Notre Dame TE's who are the best available to be in the mold of a Gronkowski, Gonzalez or Davis that will have that sort of difference making capability for our team. They probably go around the area we are picking, but I hope we pass.

Tamme and Dreesen caught ~ 90 balls, 1,000 yards and 10 TD's this year. If we didn't have anyone coming back for next year, I would consider it -- but I would be that there will be better prospects at positions we could use more help at come #28. Just don't see a rookie TE making that much of a splash on our team going into next season. I'm sure Julius Thomas finally gets axed like we should and we will have Tamme, Dreesen, Green and a rookie (hopefully not a high pick) to go through the motions.

Looks like the team did check out Michael Williams the other day. Definitely not a receiving TE either. Big guy who can block well in the trenches. Being 6'5 and 260 + in the red zone would be a nice possibility. I think we are in a pretty tough spot in the draft. We won't have a chance at the legit first round guys so basically we are going to be looking at the second tier talent level guys. There is a whole pool of them. If that is the case, trade down like we did again last year and pick up an extra pick or two.

Save that value, keep those resources and get players. No more of this, "trade down and get picks to trade up with them" BS like we pulled multiple times last year. Unless you think that kid is going to be a difference maker on Day 1, no trading up.
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