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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Right now I have DT and TE as the most likely positions to be drafted in the 1st round. None of our TEs are difference makers, Tamme is decent but you really have to scheme to get him open and Dreesen is not really enough of a playmaker to be on the field so regularly. At DT we are very thin and the problem with relying on a heavy rotation is when teams go hurry-up they can isolate a matchup they like in either the run or pass game and run the ragged by not allowing replacements.

I like the depth at DT in the lower half of the 1st round, it fits us well with both 1- and 3-tech guys with decent pedigree and production. TE is a bit tricky to evaluate, right now the only guy I like is Ertz out of Stanford, he is atheltic, a good catcher and has outstanding size, but he doesn't quite feel like a Gronkowski, Hernandez, Gonzalez or Graham type of player, more along the line of a Gresham who is not quite as good a blocker.

CB in round 1 is out, S is a possibility but I don't buy it. Clady will be back so there is no reason to draft OL in round 1 unless someone falls dramatically. MLB is a real possibility depending what happens in FA and where we go with DJ and Mays. I think it is fair to say that Miller and Woodyard have the OLB positions locked up currently.
Tamme and Dreesen are fine for right now. This is not the kind of draft where you toss your top pick out on a TE. Would be depressed if that happened.
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