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Tonight's recap pretty much highlighted the players I talked about earlier. High praise for both LT's in Lane Johnson and Eric Fisher. Highlights showed Fisher stone walling Okafor twice.

They called Brian Schwenke a instant starter and a 10 year player. Kind of talked about him being a mid round pick.

David Quessenberry did well at RG and RT. Thought he could be a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Could be a OG option.

Kevin Reddick is doing well. They didn't say much about him other then he has been impressive since being here.

Jordan Poyer CB from Oregon State has been impressive on the short to intermediate stuff. Might struggle do deep stuff.

Desmond Trufant continues to shine. Press and man. Quick footed aggressive DB. Said had the DB swagger. The guy needs to be drafted by us.

Denard Robinson has struggled fielding punts and kick offs. Also is double catching the ball to much.

Quinton Patton is doing well according to the hosts. They didn't really get that much into him just saying that people that didn't know much about him are finding out he is the real deal.
All the tape that I have seen on Poyer and Trufant would suggest the opposite to me. To me, Trufant made some dumb mistakes and would pay for them. Poyer has great athleticism, and seems to have some football smarts.
So I would love for Denver to draft Poyer over Trufant.
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