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I never bought into Brown's claim too much because the Raiders that year were not a running team. Their main RB was Garner, with Wheatley getting some carries. They averaged 110 yards a game, and their asset was a passing game to multiple weapons.
I mean, they had Tim Brown and Jerry freakin Rice, add in a young Jerry Porter and Garner out of the backfield, it was a tough passing game to stop. I still remember how deadly Gannon and that offense was, quick passes.

Their running game was not feared though. Out of 19 games they played that season, only 6 times did they get over 100 yards rushing as a team. And you want to go into the biggest game of the season, as run heavy? Yeah...

Basically, the Bucs were able to get pressure and take away the short passes, and Oakland couldn't do a thing on offense, which doubled when Gannon started throwing picks left and right.
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