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I dispute there is anything the ATF does wth more of our money that will make us safer. They are out looking for big time gun smugglers, people not paying tax on ciggs and alcohol, and checking on felons for possessing or trying to possess firearms. Really nothing in that mission is stop a person from going crazy and shooting up a school. So i dispute this issue has anything to do with the fact the NRA fights TO KEEP THE ATF FROM BEING A TOOL USED TO INFRINGE ON LAWFUL GUN OWNERS RIGHTS.

The mother jones article trying to connect these horrid crimes to the fact the atf didn't have a permanent director is a joke. They were off running guns to mexico not trying to keep schools safe so i don't want to hear your inane argument that because the ATF has been nuetered by the NRA we are unsafe.

In fact i agree with dismantling the ATF and giving there duties to other agencies. If the NRA stopped that then i would disagree with them. Still though it would not make me anymore safe or unsafe either way.
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