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D.J. Williams

Strong rumors that Miami might hire FSU OC James Coley for the vacant OC position (former OC Jedd Fisch, also a former Denver WR coach, left to be the OC with the Jacksonville Jaguars). FSU pays more, but Coley is a bit frustrated there because Fisher won't let him call plays and he thinks that is hurting his advancement prospects. He's also from Miami and my understanding is his spouse and child are in Miami.

It's clear what Golden is trying to do here.....he's building his staff with recruiting the "State of Miami" first and foremost. He knows he might be down about 5 ships a year for the next 3 years, so he wants to round up all the elite Dade and Broward talent to compensate for some depth issues. It's one thing if your depth was crap, its another if its a good player from a historically high talent area (I would venture to say a South Florida 3 star is equivalent to a 4 star elsewhere...for proof, look at Louisville's roster). That's why he is building a staff of ace recruiters (Barrow, Carroll, etc.). Look at Cristobal, he's an ace in the Miami area in recruiting in particular. That's how he built FIU, getting C and D List Miami talent that didnt go to BCS schools. Then if you can add Coley, not only are you getting another top flight recruiter, but a guy who is FSU's ace in the hole in South Florida. Coley was their man in Miami (along with Eddie Gran, who has now departed to Cincy). If they can pry Coley away, it will go a long way to locking down the "State of Miami" and hurting FSU's currently superior talent base. Seriously, Golden's passion is recruiting and that's his No. 1 asset as a coach, along with brilliant community and media PR. If you team Golden up with guys like Cristobal and Coley, they will LOCK DOWN the Miami area.

The gamble, though, is that if you build a staff of ace recruiters, you better hope they can coach too. It's not always the case that you can do both. Most coaches are strong in either one area or another, rarely both. Coley is relatively untested as an actual playcalling OC (outside of 1 year at FIU under Cristobal). That will be the key..can these guys actually coach?

Recruiting Update

6: Would not surprise me to see him at UM, FSU or Bama. Could go either way. Kirkland becoming a Cane silent will help things as thats his teammate. They will both be at the Miami-Duke game tomorrow. Hopefully the fans chant his name all night and after the game is over, Golden sends over some high quality females his way. An evening of big time college basketball, steaks and b****es for Big 6. Git R Done, Al.
Kirkland: Cane. Hopefully he can bring his teammate 6 along.
Bryant: I get the feeling he's a Nole. Req wiring him some serious cash all the way from North Dakota isn't helping us right now. Dammit. Seriously, I'm feeling FSU here.
Bostwick: Cane. He has offers from Bama and UF. Hopefully we can get him to cancel the UF visit. Looks like grades will not be a problem.
Coley: Would be a Nole except his HC is trying to steer him to Miami. Thanks Donnell, the check's in the mail, bro. This could go either way, I think he's leaning FSU, though. Kid is a headcase but an absolutely ELITE talent at WR. Like Amari Cooper elite. Film is sick. He has a visit to Ole Miss coming up and they have been spreading some serious cash this recruiting cycle, so I could see them biting both the Canes and the Noles in the ass on this one, but if I had to go with my gut, I'd pick FSU.
Collins: Exact opposite. Kid is leaning to UM but his HC is steering him to Arkansas. Could go either way, slight lead for the Canes. Hot ass GF goes to UM, that helps. I would love to land this kid, we would have the best 1-2 RB punch in all of college football with him and Duke.
Grace: Was thought to be a Cane lock, but Louisville is making a very, very strong push at the last second. He backed up his commitment date. I really hope this is just for show because I'll be pissed if Strong steals him. He's a diehard Cane fan and his family is all pushing UM, but he had a great visit at Louisville and Teddy and all his boys are pushing him hard. This is closer than I'm comfortable with.

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